The Limitless 1.0 accessories aren't compatible with our new Limitless 2.0 cases.

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eco-system is coming soon!

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Limitless design Limitless protection Limitless function

Our latest range of Smart Phone Cases & Modular Accessories, crafted for:

iPhone X iPhone 8 iPhone 7 iPhone 6 Galaxy S8

Our Limitless 2.0 range blends crafted design and smart technology to create products that let you live Limitless. The cases utilize our own high impact material AiroShock™ for extreme protection whilst being crafted from high quality authentic materials.


These cases are protective but still incredibly thin. Limitless 2.0 cases only add 2.3mm to the thickness of your iPhone. They have an ergonomic design, tapering in the middle to be fully flush with the screen.

Modular accessories coming soon... range-teaser