About Us: Scratchgard Since 2005

Since 2005, Scratchgard unit of Bling Accessories Private Limited has been dedicated to providing advanced screen protection, specializing in materials that offer maximum safety for your devices.

Our vision is to enhance value, protect, and enrich the enjoyment and usability of technology for people around the world.

Scratchgard products, known for their high standards and approvals, are available internationally.

To date, we have protected over 10 million device screens and counting…

Thank you for being part of our journey ❤

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Innovative Screen Protection Solutions: Explore Our Product Variants


Experience superior protection and clarity with Scratchgard’s Super Glass Screen Guard, engineered to keep your device screen pristine and responsive.


Experience flexible yet durable protection with Scratchgard’s UC Flexi Screen Guard. Engineered to contour seamlessly to your device screen while providing reliable defense against scratches and impacts..


Discover crystal-clear protection with Scratchgard’s Ultra Clear Screen Guard. Designed to provide maximum transparency while shielding your device from scratches and smudges.


Combat glare and enhance visibility with Scratchgard’s Anti-Glare Screen Guard. Crafted to reduce reflections and fingerprints, ensuring a clear view of your device screen in any lighting condition.