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SCRATCHGARD Kurve Dry – Intex FitRist Vogue Smartwatch Screen Guard (Pack of 2)

The Scratchgard Kurve Dry screen protector is tailor-made for the Intex FitRist Vogue Smartwatch. This pack includes 2 high-quality screen protectors designed to offer maximum clarity, scratch resistance, and easy, bubble-free installation. Protect your smartwatch's screen with Scratchgard Kurve Dry.

SCRATCHGARD Kurve Dry – Intex Irist Smartwatch Screen Guard (Pack of 2)

Protect your Intex Irist Smartwatch screen with Scratchgard Kurve Dry screen protectors. This pack of two specially designed protectors offers advanced protection against scratches, dust, and fingerprints while maintaining the clarity and touch sensitivity of your smartwatch screen. Easy, bubble-free installation ensures a seamless fit, keeping your screen looking new for longer.